Saturday, May 19, 2007

Darkness Returns To Slime Pit

Never EVER shake their hands

Even by their own dismal standards, yesterday's vote by MPs to exempt themselves from the Freedom of Information legislation plumbs new depths.

For future reference, there's a useful teeth-grinding list of those who voted for it here. They include 20 government ministers, and some dear old friends of BOM:

Just in case we somehow forget, let's remind ourselves that these appalling people are supposed to be working for us, and are supposed to be supplying us with a "service". Indeed, they even claim to need the exemption so they can "serve" us better.

And we pay for that service. Big Time. As we blogged here, when you add up all the various perks and incidentals (like say those scandalous pension arrangements) , the cost of the Commons is running at around £0.5 billion pa.

Now, in any normal customer-supplier relationship, the customer rules. But not with our MPs. Despite ths fact that most are there on the votes of well under half of their constituency electorates (40% of electors can't even bear to vote for anybody), they carry on as if they rule the customers.

Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, rightly says:
"The MPs who voted in favour of this self-serving and hypocritical Bill should be hanging their heads in shame."
If only shame was something these people could actually feel.
Yet another reason why we need to get them out of our lives.

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