Sunday, May 13, 2007

CH Blog Awards: BOM To Surpass Bulgaria!

Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankulov show us the way

The headline on this morning's top story from Bulgaria's Focus News Agency could hardly be more triumphant:

"Bulgaria is fifth at Eurovision song contest"

Yes, it's absolutely true:

"Helsinki. Bulgaria took the fifth place in the 2007 Eurovision song contest in Helsinki, Finland. This is the first final that Bulgaria takes part in. Bookmakers foresaw Bulgarian song “Voda” (Water) would rate seventh."

Pretty good for a first attempt, so a Big Hurrah for them.

And a Big Hurrah too for BOM, which has been nominated by the distinguished panel of judges at Conservative Home for their Best Conservative Blog 2007. The other nominees are the ever excellent Mr Dale , and the splendidly opinionated and arrogant (his words not mine) Dizzy.

Voting opens for all the CH blog awards on Monday, and even against such a strong field, the bookies are confidently foreseeing that BOM will surpass Bulgaria's fifth place.

It's a surefire bandwagon, so vote early!

(Although just to make absolutely sure, I'm wondering if I should ask Auntie Ekaterina to tour all the internet cafes she can find in Sofia and vote for BOM under a different identity from each one.)

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