Friday, April 20, 2007

Stinky Stink International

A couple of days back we blogged the near £10bn pa we pay to various international organisations such as the UN and the EU. We noted in passing that the UN is a notoriously ineffective and corrupt gravy train, but in fairness, we could have made precisely the same point about virtually any of these unaccountable, undemocratic self-serving bureaucracies.

Today the Economist takes a hefty swipe at the OECD, charging it's new(ish) head- Mexico's ex-finance minister Angel Gurría- with a whole catalogue of dodgy dealings, from employing family members, to extravagently pimping up his official residence. As the Economist notes, even the staid old OECD seems to have serious "governance" issues and "may be drifting into dangerous waters".

So rattled is Sr Gurría that he's made the staid old OECD issue a detailed and unprecedented rebuttal on its website. The same website that normally only carries news of the latest age-adjusted labour market participation analysis for central Europe. I reckon we can all draw the appropriate conclusions.

The UK currently contributes around £20m pa to the OECD. And its latest gesture to us was to put us in the international dock over the BAE Saudi bribes case.

Takes one to know one, as they say.

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