Sunday, April 15, 2007

Recent Bonfires 61

The photo's all we've got left

In the news this week:

£2bn loss on gold sales- "GORDON BROWN... disregarded advice from the Bank of England before he sold off more than half the country’s gold reserves at the bottom of the market. Insiders involved in the decision have broken ranks after an 18-month battle in which the Treasury has blocked attempts by The Sunday Times to make public the official advice received by Brown before he sold the gold. They have revealed that Bank of England officials had serious misgivings over the chancellor’s determination to sell 400 tons of bullion in a series of auctions between 1999 and 2002, when the price was at a 20-year low. Since then the price has almost trebled, meaning the decision cost the taxpayer an estimated £2 billion." (Sunday Times 15.4.07; see also here)

£58,000 for staying at home- "An immigration judge involved in an alleged blackmail love triangle has been paid more than £58,000 for staying at home since a formal investigation began into his behaviour, it emerged yesterday. Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan has been picking up a salary of about £9,000 a month since last September, when he was asked not to sit in court... The blackmail trial involved their former cleaner, Roselane Driza, and the disclosure that the judge had been employing her illegally. Ms Driza was convicted at the Old Bailey of... stealing two videos of a sexual nature from her lover, Mr Khan... one apparently... featured Mr Khan cavorting with a mystery blonde woman." (Telegraph 14.4.07)

Costa Del Dole Brits blag £190m- "BRITS living in Spain are fraudulently claiming £190million in benefits, it was revealed yesterday. The “Costa del Dole” ex-pats have been wrongly given taxpayers’ cash by the Government. Damning new figures show that £220million in income support, Jobseeker’s Allowance and Pension Credit was paid to people living abroad in the past five years. And of that, £190million was overpaid due to fraud, Commons answers revealed." (Sun 13.4.07)

Baths already £2m over budget- "Grand plans for the Kentish Town swimming baths boil down to an ego trip for local politicians.The latest row over the baths has been partly fuelled by the Town Hall’s refusal to put a limit on the money it is prepared to spend. The joke doing the rounds is that the baths will become an open-air pool: because there is no ceiling. But concerns are mounting that costs of the project – agreed by all parties to be “risky” – could spiral out of control. Current costs are estimated at about £25 million, more than £2 million above initial quotes. Conservative councillor Keith Sedgwick told a scrutiny committee last Tuesday that plans to refurbish the 100-year-old building were in danger of becoming a “monument to this administration’s ego”. (Camden New Journal 12.4.07)
Total for week- £2,192,058,000

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