Monday, April 23, 2007

Paid For By Us, Run For The Staff

Speer style model for new upgraded OECD palace complex in Paris

Further to this blog, it's interesting to see that the OECD Staff Association has issued a statement supporting the organisation's beleaguered leader Angel Gurría. Even more interesting that it reads like a press release from the party union in a one party state:

"There is a recent article in The Economist harshly and maliciously attacking the OECD and its Secretary-General. The Staff Association welcomes the fact that our Secretary-General communicated this article to the Staff of the Organisation, as well as his response and the accompanying relevant correspondence.

Several statements by officials with which we fully agree denounce the accusations made against our Organisation...." etc

Which is a little odd, given that the Economist attacked Gurría, not the OECD (other than saying its governance arrangements seemed too weak to handle somebody wishing to steer it into "dangerous waters").

It's also in striking contrast to the Staff Association at the World Bank, which far from supporting its beleagured leader, is calling for Wolfie's immediate departure.

Why the difference? Could it be something to do with the fact that Wolfie's been savaging staff perks and prospects, whereas Angel hasn't.

Nah. These people are far to public spirited to let avarice and personal ambition cloud their judgement.

PS Just as a reminder, the World Bank costs British taxpayers £1bn pa, while the OECD is a knock-down bargain at a mere £20m.

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