Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Not Interviewed Here

Our £3bn pa state broadcaster is leading its radio news this morning on the statements by Iran's security chief that the captured sailor crisis is "resolvable".

What they are entirely failing to mention is that the statements were made during a live interview with J Snow on C4 News last night.

Of course, Snow's interview was a fantastic scoop- scooping not just the BBC, but also our hopeless bumbling Foreign Office, who are reportedly still trying to get hold of a video so they can find out what was said.

We all know that the reason Snow got it was because he's dependably anti-government, anti western capitalist, anti-Israeli, and anti-American. But hell, so's the BBC.

So you'd have thought those glossily self-promoting state "newshounds" would have had the grace to namecheck one of their own.

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