Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Medium Is The Message

"New" Labour reinvigorated for the new media

I've just taken a look at a new internet TV channel devoted entirely to horror flicks. It certainly lived up to my gruesome expectations.

It is of course Labour's new YouTube channel, and if you click on the link you'll be greeted by a ghoulish gallery of mugshots. Yes, they're all there- all those nightmarish characters you'd run a mile not to meet on a dark night in a graveyard. Or indeed anywhere.

Uh... actually... now I force myself to look carefully, they're not all there. Gordo's not there, nor any of his legions of the undead.

In fact, you'd almost think it was another final-days Blairite attempt to show how fresh and renewed they all are, and how the Party doesn't need to have Gordo as leader at all.
Unfortunately, from the Dear Leader's vid down, they all look totally knackered and clueless. It seems that simply using a shiny new(ish) medium can't actually transform a discredited and despised message.
Couple that with the fact that YouTube just doesn't do suit and tie talking heads, and you get some pretty dismal viewing figures: the poor Commissar has had a vid up for a month and so far it's been watched by just 26 people (which will include her Auntie Sheila).

If I've got the energy, I'll pick up Tim's suggestion that the new channel needs some video responses.

PS You may prefer this alternative channel, comprising a small private collection of experimental home movies from the Third Term (Warning- parental discretion advised).

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