Thursday, April 05, 2007

Leader's Pledge Delivered!

Back in 1999 the Dear Leader famously pledged "Everyone within the next two years will be able once again to see an NHS dentist."

Of course, fainthearts and doubters scoffed. But as the above picture clearly demonstrates, every day, all over the country, millions of citizens are benefiting as never before! This time it happens to be outside a new NHS dental facility in Hampshire. But it could be anywhere.

For every one of those fortunate people, their dreams will soon come true. They will really be able to see an NHS dentist!

What's more, they will not be rushed. Every single one will have the chance to file past a dentist and take a really good look.

Is that delivery, or what?! In years to come it will be something they will be telling their grandchildren about.

We spend nearly £2bn pa on NHS dentistry in England, and according to the British Dental Association we now spend roughly the same amount on private dentistry. The private market is growing by 10-15% pa.
Round our way it's virtually impossible to find NHS dentistry, and I don't think I know anyone, anywhere, who still has an NHS dentist.
So what I'd like to know is where is that £2bn going? My strong suspicion is that most is going on drawing up facilitation protocols and ticking boxes.

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