Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Equality Industry Jobs Carve Up

A massive 15% of Londoners voted for Ken... nobody voted for his friend

The new equality mega-quango, the Commission for Equalities and Human Rights, is now up and running (see previous blog here). Its website is coy about cost, but we reckon it's £50m pa plus (see previous blog).

Anyway, I've been perusing their new website (paid for by us), looking at who's got the top jobs.

Obviously, Clever Trevor - Best Man P Mandelson - came out of the power struggle as the very top dog (predicted here), but his fellow Commissioners are just as interesting. So far, there are 13 of them, of whom three are trade union officials, two are academics, three are civil servant/quangocrats, and three are NGO professionals. Only two seem to have jobs in the wealth creating sector, and one of them is an author.

Today, they reminded us what they do, as Trev proposed that supermarkets should be forced to employ more ethnic minorities through positive discrimination.

Well, he doesn't quite put it like that of course. He says:

"You cannot for example now, in an area where the population profile has changed very rapidly over three years, say 'We would like to attract Asian staff'.

I think that Tesco or Sainsbury's or anybody else who is in the business of serving a local community would like to have the opportunity to do that. To some extent, the framework we have at the present time prevents you from doing that quickly - to respond to commercial needs."

So in TrevWorld- far from being a burden- government regulation will actually help the supermarkets (cf this morning's blog). Just like that boot in the face helped Winston Smith and his fellows to find real freedom.

Just one minor point of information for Trev. Round our way, Asian staff are exceptionally well represented in supermarkets. Just as Eastern Europeans are. In fact, they're represented far beyond their representation in the local community.

I have no problem with that- it keeps down the cost of my groceries. But I do have a problem with Trev spending £50m of my money finding a problem that in my observation doesn't exist.

So just why should we spend our money on a bunch of self-serving socialist quango jockeys whose prime objective is to lobby the government into enacting yet more laws forcing the rest of us to accept their prejudices? We don't want 'em, and if we change our minds we'll ask for them ourselves.

The CEHR ahould be abolished soonest.

Saving £50m+ pa - a quid each.

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