Friday, April 20, 2007

Consultants Pay: Grass Greenest Right Here

The above chart shows the relative pay of hospital consultants around the world. It was produced by the National Audit Office for their report on the much lambasted consultants pay deal (see report here and blog here), and the figures are calculated as the average pay of specialist doctors relative to per capita GDP (ie roughly average incomes).

As we can see, our consultants stack up quite well, earning around 5 times average UK income. That's roughly in line with specialists in France and Canada, and significantly ahead of eg Germany and Sweden.

Moreover, in all the countries where specialists earn relatively more (eg the US and Austria), they are self-employed rather than salaried, so will be bearing costs and risks not carried by British consultants.

The NAO also looked at the relationship between relative pay and numbers of specialists relative to population. Again, our consultants do quite well, getting paid well above the international average for salaried specialists, and being relatively more numerous than their self-employed counterparts in the US and Austria (a fact I certainly hadn't known).

So if you're a hospital consultant, the best advice is to stay right here.

Of course if you're a taxpayer, you should be wondering why it is we have the most expensive salaried consultants in the world.

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