Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bloggeurs Nouveau

Eh bien
Two new bloggers to check out.

With the Heaven and the Earth long ago completed, The Creator has joined the 200,000 (he reckons) other British ex-pats living in France. From where he's just begun blogging at With One Bound.

I'm wondering if he has his own vineyard, like a many-partnered ex-BBC type I know.


The Grumpy Old Sod's Law has a very promising title, and today's post comprises a Content Advisory. Which again is promising.

Posts are a little sporadic, which may reflect the fact that the poor Sod is evidently a fan of Manchester City. In my experience, that can involve long periods of of wailing and gnashing, leaving little time for other activities such as blogging. We'll watch with interest.

Welcome to Le Bleug Mondiale.

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