Friday, March 09, 2007

Two Excellent New Blog Links

Self-help Q&A on NHS Direct

Clangnuts does something very different to most British political blogsites. Mr C is a cartoonist, and instead of posting great text screeds like the rest of us, his imaginative site comprises cartoons about the issues of the day. Well worth a regular look (the cartoon above, along with accompanying commentary, can be found here CLANGNUTS: NHS direct).

Picking Losers is a site right up Tyler's street, highlighting "why government's attempts to pick winners produce more losers than winners". It's very active, averaging around 4 posts a day, and includes a useful daily summary of policy announcements. They also run a monthly "loser of the month" contest for the worst policy idea/gimmick our politicos come up with.

The authors are certainly quick off the mark. Yesterday they blogged the National Audit Office's latest report on PFI (here) while Tyler was still out strolling in the sunshine. The NAO report is about the cumbersome and expensive PFI tendering process, and Picking Losers notes:

"All in all things, if anything, have got worse since the last NAO report on PFI contracts. So what is the point of having them if nothing changes? And why are the tendering processes imposed on our business by the EU so buried in red tape and bureaucracy? It is costing the tax payer money, and far from ensuring value for money and open tendering it is actually the process less competitive."

We couldn't have put it better.

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