Friday, March 23, 2007

Tax Slavery: We Demand An Apology

Boony Boy Jasper

It is impossible to overstate the amount of hurt inflicted on the taxpaying community by Mr Lee Jasper.

This morning in the shower, the state broadcaster made me listen to yet another of his tirades, demanding I apologise for the slave trade (R4 Today just before 8).

The man's quite entitled to his odious and divisive views of course. But wtf should I pay for them?

According to the recent Taxpayers' Alliance Town Hall Rich List, Jasper is paid £117,882 pa- plus pension contributions and other on-costs, like a plush office at City Hall (shock vid here).

And as far as I can see, his entire career has been spent sponging off taxpayers. All the way from "advising" the Inner London Education Authority, through to "training" the Met police in "community issues" at £500 per day.

Well, we've had enough. We want this disgraceful and frankly disgusting trade abolished forthwith.

And we demand a full and grovelling apology from Mayor K Livingstone both for employing Jasper, and for other tax-funded outrages such as this.

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