Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Schadenfroy... Shaadenph... Shade... Sucks To Them

Long-time quangocrat

I'm listening to R4 Today. Its LEAD ITEM is the 20% fall in ITV's profits, and Humphrys is currently grilling Michael Grade.

Humphrys is at his sanctimonious best, not discussing the profits at all, but laying into the calm collected Grade on the premium rate calls issue.

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but iirc, the only reason Humphrys and the rest of the BBC quangocrats can afford to warm themselves over ITV's discomfort is that we are forced to pay for them even if we don't want to.

PS The ever dependable Jeff Randall gives us another insight into why he (sadly) quit as the BBC's Business Editor: "When I was business editor at the BBC, I became bored by having to bridge the yawning gap between public concern that our pension funds should be well funded and general disgust that banks, supermarkets and pharmaceutical companies were making so much money. One, of course, is paid for by the other... In its coverage of the private-equity debate, Newsnight, BBC2's main current-affairs programme, depicted those in the industry as stand-and-deliver Dick Turpins. When I asked the editor of another leading BBC news show about impartiality and the internal reaction to Newsnight's approach, he said: "Nobody even mentioned it."

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