Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Rewards Of Timidity

Horrible to watch

As you may possibly have guessed, Tyler has a dark secret: he spends unhealthy amounts of time thinking about how we can get our politicos to cut Britain's taxes. And he conspires with other like minded zealots to shake the bushes, as it were.

And whenever we zealots gather together, you can bet your last few untaxed pennies that sooner or later one of us will say "you know what," we'll say, "you know what- wouldn't it be great if Cameron's Conservatives were bold enough to propose tax cuts".

And another might say "yes", he might say,"yes, that would be great... but they're just too timid to do it."

"Well," adds a third, "what will happen is that sooner or later Gordo will outflank them altogether. He'll seize the high ground, and cut income tax. What would Dave and George do then? They might even find themselves voting against tax cuts."

When we first had that conversation, I scoffed. "Hah", I scoffed, "Gordo can't possibly do that because he can't afford it."

And he can't afford it. But why did I think that would stop him?

Sure, we fiscal sophisticates can see today's 2p cut is not a net tax cut, and shamefully he's had to whack up income tax on the poorest workers and increase National Insurance to pay for it. But hell, he's got the headlines.

And poor old George is left struggling horribly as he tries to explain himself (like just now on the BBC PM programme). Of course, he wants lower taxes, but... er... well, not like this... not... er.... the public finances just can't...




Who was it who said fortune favours the tax cutter?

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