Sunday, March 25, 2007

Recent Bonfires 58

Be afraid... be very afraid
In the news this week:

£46m pa on sickies in the sun- "THOUSANDS of Britons are receiving government sickness benefits while living abroad, many of them in holiday hotspots. More than 12,000 UK citizens receive a combined total of £46m a year in benefits while living in places such as Spain, Jamaica and Cyprus. A quarter of those claiming sickness benefit or incapacity benefit (IB) from outside Britain live in Spain, while 1,600 live in France, and hundreds more live in Malta, Jamaica, Italy and Cyprus." (Scotland on Sunday 25.03.07)

£93m pa for BBC tabloid telly- "MARK THOMPSON, the head of the BBC, is to be questioned by MPs over the “dubious” content of the corporation’s channel for young adults after commissioning a string of programmes with expletive-ridden titles. The latest offerings from BBC3 include F*** Off, I’m a Hairy Woman; F*** Off, I’m Ginger; and My Big Breasts and I. Other shows to be broadcast on the digital channel later this year include a £200,000 documentary, The History of the C-Word, and a programme about the size of men’s penises. The critics claim BBC3, which is aimed at the 16-34 age group and has an annual budget of £93m, is failing to meet the BBC’s public service remit and is a waste of licence payers’ money." (Sunday Times 25.3.07)
£10 to change BBC lightbulb- "With a few simple precautions, thousands manage it every day. Yet BBC staff have been stopped from replacing lightbulbs because of concerns for their health and safety. Instead, the corporation is paying up to £10 for each replacement bulb to be fitted... Three years ago it was calculated just how many people it does take to change a BBC lightbulb. The member of staff left in the dark would need to find a clerk to get a reference number so that the repair could be paid for, then report the fault to a helpline. An electrician would ask the store manager for the part and install the bulb, making a total of five people." (S Telegraph 25.3.07)

£20,000 for robo-falcons- "As the peregrine falcon is one of Britain's rarest birds, the chances of the average urban pigeon recognising it might be thought slim. Particularly when it is made of fibreglass, packed with electronics, and incapable of moving, apart from turning its head and flapping its wings. But Liverpool council is betting £20,000 that they will be fooled after buying a bizarre fleet of "robo-falcons" in the hope that they will instill fear into its winged pests. Costing £1,800 each - excluding optional 20ft pneumatic pole - they are capable of turning to face the wind, twisting their heads, flapping their wings and uttering a peregrine-style squawk." (Mail 16.3.07)
Total for week: £139,020,010

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