Saturday, March 17, 2007

Political Payroll

Hard on the heels of the Town Hall Rich List, the TaxPayers' Alliance has published new research on the cost of political salaries in central government. It shows that we are employing no fewer than 115 government ministers and 81 Special Advisors (aka spads, or Weasels). And it's costing us £16m pa.

The Political Payroll 2006 was produced by William Norton, a core contributor to the James Review and old friend of BOM (eg see here). In a particularly murky area, he's managed to pull together some very interesting facts. Not least is the fact that the cost of these people is increasing by 10% pa, at a time when the government's own inflation target is 2% (cf the Town Hall Rich List).

Well worth a read.
PS The excellent pic is believed to be an original Norton. Normally they are only available for viewing in the private collections of rich party donors and government offices. BOM is making it available free.

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