Thursday, March 08, 2007

ITBA 12- Defence

The Bloke's latest vid was aired on 18 Doughty Street's Your Money programme last night. It looks at the huge waste clocked up in Britain's defence procurement spend, and features some splendid boys' toys footage courtesy a current RAF recruitment ad. (Copyright? Since the Bloke paid for both the toys and the ad, he figures he's the joint and several copyright owner).

PS The Bloke mentions the fact that the MOD has fiddled its numbers on procurement overspend to massage the total down. That comes from the NAO's last Major Projects Report, which tells us that £781m of budget over-run has been magicked away through the classic Sir Humphrey expedient of "re-allocations" and "re-definitions", out of the top 20 procurement programmes under scrutiny. As the NAO drily observes, "these re-allocations do not represent a saving to the Department as a whole. By transferring the costs elsewhere the Department potentially may have to forgo other activities, which could previously have been provided, or make corresponding efficiency gains to accommodate the expenditure." Quite.

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