Friday, March 02, 2007

Incompetence Watch

Today's news:

1. NHS pay After awarding the biggest uplift in NHS pay in a quarter century, the government has now slammed on the brakes and awarded the lowest annual increases in... er, well, possibly ever. GPs are to get nothing, and through a particularly weasely phasing formula, nurses are to get significantly less than the 2.5% recommendation from their pay review body, even though it had been supposedly accepted by the government. Result- NHS staff are mutinously pissed off, even though we taxpayers are still paying for their their best relative pay in decades. Brilliant.
2. Junior doctor jobs The Doc has been railing all week about the appalling shambles in the new "system" for employing junior hospital doctors. And this morning it was the front page lead in the Telegraph. Thousands of them will be without jobs in August, morale has slumped to a new even lower all-time low, and mass migration to the colonies is on the cards. Leaving us taxpaying consumers having shelled out £250 grand per head for training we won't benefit from, and continuing to depend on hastily recruited overseas doctors, not all of whom speak English exactly like natives. Brilliant.

3. Home Office filing It turns out that the Home Office has failed to update the Police National Computer with the details of all those rapists and murderers for at least 10 years. But at least ministers in the clear: Dusty Amroliwala, the middle ranking HO official who headed the inquiry, said the lack of action was "difficult to understand and very regrettable, [but] I have found no evidence that the existence of the accumulated records or their content were brought to ministerial attention at any time prior to 9 January 2007." So that's all right then.

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