Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Sunspots it is then...

I finally got round to watching the whole of C4's excellent documentary on global warming (you can see it here, albeit with a few sync gremlins).

It's well worth the hour and a quarter, if only to arm yourself against the BBC's next global warming scare story, or its reporting of the egregious polemics from the International Panel on Climate Change as fact, or even its everyday line that evil capitalists and 4x4 drivers are destroying the planet.

And the measured testimony of these real climate experts certainly underlines just how wild were the exaggerations of the Stern Report- even though they're still widely reported as fact (see previous blogs eg here and here).

Yes, of course it's almost certainly a lot more complicated than this doc suggests. But here we have a serious yet accessible counterweight to the uncritical hysteria we're constantly served up with elsewhere.

And we also get a fascinating insight into the economics of the multi-billion climate change industry itself: in the US alone it now attracts $4bn pa public funding. As several of the assembled profs observe, that's an awful lot of jobs riding on keeping the scare going.

I did Google around to find the widely trailed (by the BBC at least) refutations of the programme's "facts". All I could really come up with is this from the Independent, which starts boldly, but doesn't really deliver much.

Much more compelling is this refutation of the refutations written by the programme's director, Martin Durkin.

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