Friday, March 09, 2007

Flummoxed By Race

A snippet from last night's Newsnight (shocking quality I'm afraid).

Balanced, objective, tax-funded Kirsty Wark is quizzing Desmond Swayne re Cameron's decision to sack Patrick Mercer for those allegedly racist remarks about ethnic members of the Army. Naturally Kirsty takes the "same old Tories" argument as read, and assumes Cameron has merely sacked him for standard flimsy PR reasons.

As you can see, she comes a cropper.

There are three possibilities:

a) Poorly informed- despite Newsnight supposedly being the BBC's premier current affairs "show", she simply doesn't know Shailesh Vara MP is Shadow Deputy Leader of the House
b) Blinded by prejudice- her head does know, but her rabid BBC heart will never accept the Tories could be that... umm... unprejudiced
c) Not black enough- Kirsty doesn't count Ugandan born, solidly middle class solicitor Vara as... well, you know... like... black

All very awkward. I mean, who would Kirsty count as black? Idi Amin? For sure- he was BLACK black. But how about Barack Obama? Is he black? Or maybe just blackish. Not the whole hog. No way is he blacker than Vara, but I'll bet he is in Kirsty's head.

I particularly enjoyed Kirsty's judgemental flick of the head. Which is why I've looped it.

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