Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Come The Revolution...

Look, I know it's the BBC. I know they're irretrievably hostile to business, and to high earners (BBC "stars" excepted, naturally). But surely having two separate union leaders on R4 Today for a rant within the space of just 40 minutes is pushing things a tad, even for them.

Just before 7 it was some Irish Liverpudlian docker guy from the 1960s ranting about Permira and private equity firms destroying jobs. Again.

And then at 7.40 it was someone from the Banking Union ranting about the mega-bucks paid to Bob Diamond at Barclays. Well, in truth, he was quite softly spoken and it was left to Sarah to prompt him into calling for "government action" to end this manifest and grotesque unfairness (soppy Sarah seemed blissfully unaware that Barclays is one of the very companies considering quitting Britain because of increasing regulation and uncompetitive tax).

Come the revolution, the BBC will be first up against the wall.

Pic: Fixing Australia

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