Tuesday, February 06, 2007

UK Tops Crime Poll

No wonder we need more of these
As regular readers will know, here on BOM we're very suspicious of the government's crime opinion poll, the British Crime Survey. We reckon it's open to all the usual distortions of opinion polls, and worse, it's under the control of the Home Office- the very people who've got such a huge axe in crime statistics.

But of course, the BCS is the only basis on which the government can claim that "crime is falling". The real recorded crime we all worry about- especially violent crime and anti-social behaviour- is rising.

So it's very interesting to see the government's dismissive reponse to a new international crime poll which doesn't support its own spin.

The European Crime and Safety Survey, published in Brussels yesterday, was a joint venture between the United Nations, the European Commission and the Gallup polling organisation. After quesioning 40,000 people across Europe, it concludes:

"Britain has one of the worst crime rates in Europe. It is the most burgled country in Europe, has the highest level of assaults and above average rates of car theft, robbery and pickpocketing. Only Ireland has a worse record. Estonia, Holland and Denmark make up the rest of the EU's five ''high-crime" nations. All had rates more than 30 per cent higher than the average."

And the government's response? The appalling McNulty says:

"We have concerns about its quality and the comparisons. It does not take account of any recent crime reduction measures to tackle alcohol misuse, the acquisitive crime campaign and tough new measures in the Violent Crime Reduction Act to tackle gun and knife crime."

So that's two of the usual excuses for the price of one: the survey's rubbish, and even if it isn't, it's out of date- since it was done last Thursday, we've transformed the whole system... we've already take action, and now everything's great.

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