Sunday, February 04, 2007

TPA Column Growth

The Times scorecard couldn't be clearer: the Taxpayers' Alliance has had a spectacularly successful year in terms of msm attention. Very well done to Matthew, James, Blair and Corin. Keep it up guys, wherever the fight may lead.

Of course, the really exciting thing is how, after the interminable winter, conservative ideas are at long last springing back to life. And this isn't just one or two single-issue pressure groups: as the table shows, from fiscal policy, to public services, to migration, to global poverty, a new network of specialists has sprung up across the whole field of policy.

What we are seeing is that Lib metro media types may have Butskellised the poor old Conservative Party, but they can't kill the ideas. Out here, this burgeoning network is crackling with energy. And just as important, funding.

Away from the dead hand of Westminster's focus grouped centrism, the network is growing by the day. The internet has transformed the terms of political engagement, and is allowing people to join debates and groupings they might not even have heard of previously. It's even better than Mrs Miggins' coffee house.

Most of us- both full-timers, and volunteers- still have much to learn. But sheer enthusiasm, a willingness to try new things, and to experiment, have always been the Power of the New.

It's the Future.

Not that other thing.

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