Sunday, February 04, 2007

Recent Bonfires 51

Paper factory output

In the news this week:

£225m pa wasted on government printing- "More than £1bn a year is wasted across UK government and industry through inefficient business printing, according to an economic impact study... Among the worst offenders are the education and public administration sectors, which lose around £225m a year through excessive outsourcing and poor internal print management. This figure represents almost a quarter of the £1bn chancellor Gordon Brown hopes to raise through recent increases in air travel taxes." ( 30.1.07)

Olympic Park now set to cost at least £5.1bn- "THE cost of the London Olympics will be more than double the price quoted in the bid document that helped Britain to win the 2012 Games, according to the official budget to be released next month. Figures have been obtained by The Sunday Times ahead of the official announcement, showing that the public cost of building the Olympic park has been finalised at £2.72 billion above the initial projection of £2.38 billion in the bid document. In addition, the government is holding discussions on the size of the “contingency” fund that will be needed to cover any further unforeseen rises in costs. This will be between £1 billion and £3 billion. The ODA’s figures do not include Vat, which could add another £1 billion to the project... the worst-case scenario is that the total bill could exceed £9 billion." (Sunday Times 4.2.07)

£1,502,450 plus on prisoner rights- "Scottish taxpayers are facing bigger bills for legal aid because prisoners will be unable to vote in May's elections, in a breach of their human rights... Scottish Legal Aid Board confirmed that, if aid-assisted prisoners launched challenges north of the border against Scottish ministers, there would be local bills in terms of legal aid or court costs... In 2004, prisoner Robert Napier was awarded £2450 damages for having to slop out in Barlinnie jail as it breached his human rights. However, the sum was dwarfed by the associated bills paid out by ministers - £1m legal aid and over £500,000 in court costs. Following the case, 591 other Scots prisoners were last year granted legal aid to pursue human right cases, most in relation to slopping out. This was 159 more than in the previous six years combined." (The Herald 26.1.07)

Total for week- £5,326,502,450

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