Monday, February 05, 2007

Only Connect...

Ever thus.... but Government was small then
Today's Daily Telegraph/YouGov poll underlines the utter contempt we feel for our politicos.

For example, three-quarters of us believe they routinely make promises they know they can't keep: translation- they routinely lie to us.

The mystery is why we put up with it. Despite the fact that we don't trust them, we let them spend 43% of our incomes, and under Blair, impose a moral fascism that even the Fuhrer might have baulked at.

Why have we not connected the deep loathing we feel for our lying scheming politicos, with the obvious need to get them out of our lives?

Simply burying our heads in the sand and not voting may be emotionally satisfying, but sure as hell, it ain't going to grip the problem. As we see from local elections, those politicos cheerfully carry on even if turnout falls to 20% or less.

No. Somehow we have to engage.

With the Tories gripped by the forces of darkness, and the problem of UKIP's coat, none of us has yet quite worked out how to do it.

But surely, the day is coming.

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