Saturday, February 24, 2007

On Top Of The Briefs

Mrs T reports a very striking experience yesterday. There she was, innocently perusing the ladies' flimsies at Marks and Spencer Marble Arch, when who should hove into view but the Big Boss- Sir (only a matter of time) Stuart Rose.

Unrecognised by most of the customers, Sir Stuart was making his way through the store, beadily inspecting the work of his underlings and dishing out orders for more rigour in the knicker department.

Mrs T has always had a soft spot for Sir S- especially now he's rescued the nation's favourite shop- so despite the fact that he seemed disappointingly shorter than on the telly, she shot him a smile. He was clearly delighted to be recognised, reciprocated the smile, and warmly wished her a very good day. No free samples alas, but a good bit of customer confirmation.

All of which reminds us of a long-running BOM theme. Sir Stu has been a retailer man and boy these 35 years. He knows his frilly displays inside out, is totally comfortable with his pricing points, and understands the whole business backwards.

Contrast that with say the Commissar, who knows nothing about health other than what she's somehow gleaned in the last 18 months. Or zero qualifications Alan Johnson, who knows even less about education. Or Des Browne, who knows no more about military matters than you or I, yet now holds the lives of our servicemen in his hands.

Why do any of them think they're remotely equipped to do the job?

And why do we let them get away with it?

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