Monday, February 05, 2007

Nigel, Mate, No!

When Tyler left HM Treasury for the City a quarter century ago, he was told he would regret it. To stand any chance of getting on, he'd not only have to go fox-hunting every weekend, but he'd also have to dress in bizarre Bertie Wooster clothes, including that funny coat with the velvet collar.

Luckily the reality turned out to be rather different. Only the most junior clerks still wore spats, and the coats were pretty well extinct.

But the coat lives on in UKIP, as modelled above by Mr Farage himself.

Guys, none of us wants image-led politics, and you should be free to wear whatever you like. Absolutely.

But if you're even prepared to change your name to attract us disaffected Tories, I can't help thinking you might just want to review the coat.

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