Thursday, February 01, 2007

Government Spending Transparency Bill- Update

Back in November we blogged Georges Osborne's excellent Government Spending Transparency Bill.

As you will recall, this is the bill to give Britain a web-based facility for "Googling our tax pounds". Modelled on the new US system, it will hold data on all government payments above £25,000. And it will make it a whole lot easier for all of us to find out where our money is actually going (see here and here for more detail).

Well, the bill has now had its two readings in the Lords, and will be tabled in the Commons later this month.

So far we've had little reaction from the government, and we very much hope they'll support it. Because this shouldn't be a party political matter. We all have to pay the government's bills, and we therefore have a right to know exactly what they are.

But in the real world, you'd have to guess the government will want this like they want a hole in the head. They know that taxpayers are already getting fractious, and more exposure to the crackpot detail of spending would hardly sooth the fevered brow.

Now is the time for us to make our feelings known. At the very least, may I urge you to contact you MP formally requesting their support.

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