Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Freedom Of Information

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Redoubtable FOI campaigner Heather Brooke has a good article in the Times about the imminent threats to our still rather weak Freedom of Information law.

As she notes, despite endemic delays and "public interest" blocks, FOI has allowed us taxpaying voters to discover for the first time critical details of all kinds of stuff, including how our rulers actually spend our money. For example, it was thanks to FOI that we got the list of who actually receives all those CAP payments (see this blog, this EU-wide disclosure site, and the Bloke's Waste Watch vid on tonight's Your Money).
Now the Department for Constitutional Affairs wants to hobble the whole thing by among other things imposing a limit on how much an FOI can cost before they say no. Even though their total estimated cost of £35m pa represents a mere 0.007 per cent of the zillions they spend every year.
More power to Heather's elbow. And her book sales. And her excellent blog here.

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