Sunday, February 18, 2007

Firearms Facts

During Mr Ashley's cosy chat with the Dear Leader this morning (watch here if you can bear to), I was struck by the DL's unchallenged claim that "gun crime is down overall in the last year". Given the "black on black" carnage on the streets of our big cities, I looked up the figures.

According to the latest published Home Office Statistical Bulletin:

"In 2005/06 there were 11,084 recorded crimes involving firearms other than air weapons. This is an 0.1 per cent increase over 2004/05, and a 62 per cent increase in the five years since 1999/00."

Which doesn't sound much like a fall.

In fact, it's only only by including air weapons (where the crimes overwhelmingly comprise petty vandals taking potshots at inanimate objects) can you lay claim to a fall. A classic Bliar throwaway deception.

Maybe the next BBC "interviewer" on gun crime would arm himself with some facts.

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