Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fight The Bin Tax

New multi-role spy bin tracking an illegal school run
The TaxPayers'Alliance are mounting a concerted campaign this year against Britain's burgeoning Green Taxes. And to kick things off, they've put a petition up on the 10 Downing St site opposing the proposed Bin Tax- the covert move by several local authorities to plant spy chips in their wheelie bins, which will be used to charge households for rubbish disposal over and above the payments already included in their Council Tax.

Please go there now and sign up.

The TPA's petition summary highlights the broader point:

"This bin tax, while purported to be for encouraging recycling, is in fact part of a green agenda that politicians are using merely as a new way to raise money. There are no plans to offset the charge with lower taxes elsewhere, nor are there any plans that homes that exceed recycling targets will be given a council tax discount. This is simply a tax on top of a tax."

Much the same can be said of the proposed new congestion charges (see this blog). In principle, we economist types like the idea of charging for road use instead of charging a poll tax road fund licence. But that's not what's on offer. In practice, the plan is to charge twice in order to feed the public spending monster.

Our Big Government commissars must be stopped now, before it's too late. We must not let them spread their tax net ever wider into whole new areas of our lives.

As our housewife PM used to say, government must learn to live within its means, just like the rest of us.

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