Thursday, February 15, 2007

Doomed NHS Hulk Heads For Rocks

Shivering timbers

A couple of BOM correspondents highlight the latest extraordinary developments on board the doomed ship NHS Enterprise.

Following Accenture's recent leap overboard, Andrew Rollerson, a senior healthcare consultant at Fujitsu, which has a £896m contract to deliver part of the NHS "supercomputer", savaged it during a conference speech last week:

"It isn't working, and it isn't going to work. There is a belief that the national programme is somehow going to propel transformation in the NHS simply by delivering an IT system. Nothing could be further from the truth. A vacuum, a chasm, is opening up."

Noting that the £30-50bn fiasco is likely to be a "camel" not a "racehorse", he illustrated his apocalyptic talk with slides depicting sinking ships, alligators, and mud-wrestling women (...que?).

The response from the bridge is grim. The lower decks may be awash, there may be a huge gash in the ship's side, and the masts may have snapped, but NHS CEO David "Davey Jones" Nicholson just keeps rolling his eyes and promising to see them all in the Locker.

The only problem is, they're taking our money with them.

Not to mention our healthcare service.

(htp Chris L and Roger A)

PS Roger takes me to task over my use of the term supercomputer. He says my use of the term for the NPfIT is bringing Cray-style pipelined vector processors into disrepute: "the only super thing about the NHS fiasco is the size of the politico/bureaucrats' egos and the size of the price tag". Point taken.

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