Friday, February 09, 2007

Darkened Room News

Just give us the facts

The Bloke is lying down in a darkened room after doing three-and-a-half hours on the 18 Doughty Street sofa this week. He's just not used to such exertion, and I fear his delicate health will not hold up.

For anyone wondering what to do with the next few hours, the three sessions are here:

Citizen journalism- a discussion with Tim Montgomerie, with some ideas and tips on how to make videos for 18DS's soon to be relaunched video upload facility

Up Front with Donal Blaney and Peter Whittle, including further discussion of the Stern Report

Vox Politix with Shane Greer, Caroline Hunt, and Mark Pack, including chewing over House of Lords reform

During the Up Front session, the Bloke made some assertions about which of our Westminster politicos are most highly rated by ordinary people. He named William Hague, Tony Benn, and Boris.

Fellow panellists clearly felt the Bloke had lost it. But most unusually, in this particular case, he wasn't just making it up as he went along.

The names mainly come from YouGov's regular Brand Index poll of 10,000 voters. Their latest summary chart is shown above, and in case you can't decipher the line colours, top is William Hague, second is Boris, and third is Hilary Benn.

The analysis makes interesting reading, and the good news for the Tories is that Dave is fourth, with Gordo way way behind in eleventh position- behind even Commissar Hewitt! Meanwhile the Great Deciever is spiralling down into the icey waters of the North Atlantic.

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