Monday, February 19, 2007

£30 Grand Dogsbody Jacks It In

Underemployed office dog

Joanne Collins landed herself a cushtie £30 grand a year job with Edinburgh City Council. The hours were light, and doubtless it carried a final salary pension entitlement as well. Yet in terms of work, all the "Information Manager" job actually involved was "photocopying and sending out files". Sweet as a nut.

But after just a year, Joanne decided to jack it in. With ten years of work experience and a degree, she felt she was underemployed. Even worse, she reckoned she was wasting taxpayers' money.

In fact, she told her bosses the job should be filled by someone earning only half as much. Naturally, they ignored her, and readvertised the job on exactly the same salary. Which is why she squawked.

Sure, there could well be some "backstory" we haven't heard, but her comments on the muti-million Edinburgh Children and Families' Department have the unmistakable ring of authenticity:

"I don't think my situation is unique. A lot of people are unhappy and feel their job description does not fit the work that they do. I think there is some empire-building going on. People are trying to make this department seem more important than it actually is within the council."

Now, who'd have thought that could happen? Apart, that is, from the Taxpayers' Alliance, and their annual Non-Jobs Report.

PS Labour controlled Edinburgh City Council has an annual budget of £1.2bn and employs 15,500. For those that don't know, its profligacy is legendary. Just like Ken in London, it's attracted its own fan-sites, such as the splendid Edinburgh Sucks!

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