Monday, January 22, 2007

Wall Of Shame

New site will look like this

As a public service, BOM plans to launch a new website where you- the ordinary members of the public- can name and shame underperforming Health Commissars.

To be called the Wall of Shame, it will be modelled on the Department of Health site being established to name and shame GPs. Both will draw on the wealth of valuable management experience gained in the PRC during the Cultural Revolution.

Now you will be able to respond properly to stories such as this latest news on the NHS Supercomputer:

"Leading healthcare IT experts have warned that the NHS's troubled £6.2bn system upgrade is costing taxpayers substantially more than it should. They claim the same functions could be delivered for considerably less outside of the national programme for IT, dogged by delays and software setbacks.

Phil Sissons, a former executive at the software group Torex - now part of iSoft - and an ex-consultant to the NPfIT, said: "Publicity from the national programme was that they got some good deals because of the buying power of the NHS.

"But I don't believe they reduced the cost at all. There are multiple margins being added to the process each time there is an extra layer of management or another company involved."
Doug Pollock, managing director of software supplier Cambio, who has also worked within the national programme, said these multiple margins were sometimes "scandalous".

In this shameful case, the NHS has already paid £119m for patient administration systems (PAS), off-the-shelf items that should have only cost £30m. Four-times over priced.

Our all-new Wall of Shame will allow you to name not only the Husky Killer, but also the running dogs who actually "negotiated" such abysmal terms.

PS As the Department of Health's campaign to demonise Britain's doctors gathers pace, the Doc continues to strike back. And many congratulations to him for winning not one but three Oscars in the worldwide Med Blog awards- including Best Med Blog. Fantastic achievement for one so unopinionated. If only we could find a Home Office insider to give us a similarly robust counterview to all that demonisation they get from J Reid et al.

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