Monday, January 08, 2007

Vote Crippen!

I fear for the Doc's health. Normally such a peaceable fellow, "the oleaginous canting hypocrisy of this god-bothering slime-ball who is going to pay £15,000 a year to buy special educational services that are not available for ordinary folk" may have driven him over the edge. Whatever you do Mrs C, don't let him near the kitchen knives before you've administered a large syringe of his special medication.

To speed his recovery, may I urge everyone to vote for him at Medgadget Medical Blog Awards, where as he bashfully reports, he has been nominated for not one, but three awards. Including Best Medical Weblog. Worldwide.

Thoroughly deserved, and Crippen should clearly win fair and square.

But these are US-based awards, and goodness knows what knavery we can expect from those rascally colonials.

My initial cunning plan was simply to vote several hundred times. Unfortunately that was stymied when I discovered Mrs T- without even consulting me!- had beaten me to the buzzer. And the wretched thing now seems to bar any further votes from our connection. Bah.

So come on the rest of you patriots.

Vote for Crippen!

You know it makes sense.

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