Saturday, January 06, 2007

US Waste Watcher Vids

America has always been the future, we all know that. So in the interests of plagiarising some ideas, I've been trawling through YouTube for US waste watching videos.

The clear market leader is Americans for Prosperity, with their polished President Tim Phillips. Mrs T took an immediate shine to him, and here he is on the Ending Earmarks Express Tour, showing us the pork-barrelling Bridge to Nowhere in Alaska:

Pretty smooth, huh? Of course, we could never suffer from politically driven pork barrelling in this country, because things like, say, hospital closures and local authority support grants are always decided purely on objective technical grounds.

It must be said that the other waste watch videos are a more mixed bag. For example, here's Goronchev telling us why he's so upset about the government spending tax-dollars on a no-sex campaign for adults. I love the way he's taken off his shirt to get into the swing of things:

Like most Americans, Goronchev doesn't sound like he's got much time for government. I think he does like sex though.

On the other hand, Vitalfacts points out that we should not assume all government spending is waste. There are apparently some good people working for government, and they are forced to put up with a lot of nickel and diming. Imposing further cuts on them may be a false economy.

A fair point. Which is precisely why it's best to take government out of as much activity as possible. It wastes money on stuff like Tim and Goronchev highlight, and scrimps on important stuff like Vitalfacts highlights.

Isn't YouTube brilliant.

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