Thursday, January 04, 2007

Triumphs Of Lean Tractor Production

Tune in tonight at 198 metres on the long-wave band

Greetings Comrades!

Throughout the motherland glorious worker cadres are being up-skilled to ever higher levels!

Lean Production is the New Watchword! Just in time, right first time, it is our patriotic duty to embrace the new insights of Socialist Health Toyotaism!

The Commissar herself gives instructions for all citizens to tune in for this evening's informational wireless broadcast at 8.30 on Radio Moscow (repeated on Sunday at 9.30pm, and later available as a download).

Let's all listen and rejoice at how lean production methods are transforming the People's Health Service.

NB It has been brought to the attention of the State Health Security Police that certain undesirable elements are seeking to undermine our democratic socialist health paradise. Please be aware that it is now illegal to read or otherwise engage with counter-revolutionary tracts such as this on Out of Hours Care from the outlawed NHS Blog Doctor. Such flagrant misrepresentation of our New Socialist Order will not be tolerated.

PS Next week we should also all watch Labour's Sir Gerry Er-actually-I'm-not-quite-so-sure-any-more Robinson's series of three Open University/BBC2 programmes Can Gerry Robinson fix the NHS? (Monday, Tues, and Weds)

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