Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Thriving Office

No need to disturb him again

A few months ago I spent an afternoon in a Charities Commission office. It was as quiet as the grave, and for some reason I got the distinct impression nothing much was going on. I even started wondering what they actually did for all the taxpayer's money they get.

Let's face it, that kind of thing can be slightly awkward for management. I mean, you can't necessarily get the workers working if there's no actual... er, work to do, can you. Yet if they just sit there, it can give the wrong impression. Which would never do.

Well, now help is at hand:

"Thriving Office is a CD laden with the sounds of an office buzzing with activity. Aimed squarely at the growing millions who work from home, the disc features two 37-minute tracks, titled (seriously) "Busy" and "Very Busy." Each features ringing phones, barely intelligible conversations, closing file cabinets and other noises meant to drown out the inevitable home-office soundtrack (screaming kids, barking dogs) as well as convey to callers they've reached a hotbed of productivity."

Now, why didn't any of the government's many thousands of expensive consultants think of that?

Or maybe they did.

Listen very carefully next time you phone a government office.

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