Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tax Attack

As you may have seen on Newsnight yesterday, 18 Doughty Street has teamed up with the TaxPayers' Alliance to produce an internet "attack ad" for lower taxes. You can watch the ad here, and download it here.

Along with a number of like-minded- if somewhat younger- enthusiasts, the Bloke went down to Westminster this morning to do a spot of direct promotion among our rulers. You can see what happened here:

This is the first in a series of such ads produced by 18DS. The idea is borrowed from successful US experience, and it is aimed at challenging the political consensus on a whole range of issues where the mainstream parties currently fear to tread- 18DS Director Tim Montgomerie explains more in his Times article this morning.

And they're looking for our ideas. the next will be on state funding for political parties and you can post your suggestions here.

1 comment:

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