Friday, January 19, 2007

News From BOM Correspondents

New media waste watchers

Several interesting pieces from correspondents.

First up, our clubbing correspondent is pleased to note the BBC are still pretty with it, as regards the views of young folk. The "BBC News Youth Panel" reckons unanimously that the increase in Telly Tax is totally cool, and that the BBC is A Good Thing Ltd. Funny. Wonder how the panel got selected. And wonder how they'll feel when they're actually old enough to pay the Telly Tax.

Andy and Tom have hacked into the government's top secret Quango Nomenclature Protocol. This link takes you straight into the heart of the beast, where you can literally create your own quango. Mine is the Dolphin Development Discussion Trust, and I'm taking the chair with immediate effect.

Meanwhile, a very interesting post from Keith McMahon over at Telebusillis. Keith is a telecoms industry vet, and makes an important point about the Telly Tax settlement. He points out that with household numbers expanding by around 300,000 pa, the actual increase in revenue the "British Bolshevik Corporation" (excellent) will get from the settlement is much greater than the 2-3% annual increases we've all seen quoted.

He's crunched the numbers and reckons the average annual increase is about 5%. Which is obviously a much more comfortable settlement than the BBC bosses have let on. Still Keith reckons they've blundered big-time in accepting responsibility for the digital switchover. Take a look at his post here .

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