Thursday, January 04, 2007

More From Other Waste Watchers

Taylor hits waste bullseye

Phil "The Power" Taylor. Isn't that a great name? I have to say I know nothing about the guy, other than he just lost the World Darts Championship. Oh, and it seems that unlike most of Britain's gallant losers, he had actually won the thing about 12 times previously. Plus, he didn't need a government "Sporting Excellence" grant to do it.

His namesake, Phil Taylor, Ealing Councillor, I know more about. He has an excellent blog here, and has just posted on two interesting waste stories.

First, he wants a cash limit on Parliament. Pointing out that this is exactly what central government is effectively imposing on local authorities, he suggests an annual limit of £250m, indexed to the CPI. That would mean a cut from the current £455m, but in these increasingly straightened times, there's going to have to be some belt tightening all round.

Anyway, as we've blogged previously, just why do we need nearly 700 MPs and over 700 HoL peers? We taxpaying citizens certainly don't want them, as evidenced by those low election turn-outs, and other countries (eg the much larger US) seem to manage with much lower numbers. There's plenty of scope for some fat cutting.

He'd like us all to sign his No 10 e-petition here. I've already done so.

Phil has also blogged yesterday's revelations on the Learning and Skills Council. He points out that being a useless shambolic eye-wateringly expensive quango needn't stop you getting some plush West End offices:

Learning and Skills Council
8-10 Grosvenor Gardens

Next time I'm in London, I'll take the camcorder round- and to Phil's other swanky quango addresses- so we can all take a look.