Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lesson Time

Do pay attention at the back

At the risk of stating the bleedin' obvious - again- it's worth making sure we taxpayers draw the right conclusions from the recent moral and linguistic contortions of our politicos.

1 Hazel Blears and her NHS protest- the chipmunk was driven to protest against the closure of her local hospital facilities because the nationalised healthcare system she supports and promotes does not recognise paying customers. If Tesco closed her local store she could just switch her custom to Morrisons, or Mr Iqbal, and Tesco would lose out. In health, she has no alternative because she's forced to pay irrespective of the service she receives*.

2 Ruth Kelly and her private school- Ruthie was driven to pay for private schooling because the nationalised education system she supports and promotes does not recognise paying customers. Her great good fortune is that she can afford to pay twice. Most people can't- they're forced to pay for and use state education anyway, irrespective of the service they receive.

3. Ian Pearson and his Ryanair outburst- Environment minister Ian "who-he? ed" Pearson was driven to brand Ryanair the "unacceptable and irresponsible face of capitalism" because the fantastically successful private enterprise airline he opposes does recognise paying customers- rather than him. If he could nationalise them and stop that happening, he would.

* Footnote: as the Doc constantly reminds us, in shameful reality, important people like the chipmunk and the Blessed Leader do have an alternative to the NHS forced on the rest of us. It's the special NHS provided exclusively for them, which has no waiting lists, is staffed entirely by top British surgeons, and always provides clean private rooms. They had something similar in Stalin's Soviet Union.

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