Monday, January 22, 2007

Even Civil Servants Agree Government Wastes Money

Survey reveals what really goes on under there

The Scotsman reports:

"ONLY one in three civil servants in Scotland actually trusts the government they work for to make good use of public money.

A staff survey found only 28 per cent of government employees believe the Scottish Executive and its agencies make good use of their financial resources... The statistics were just as bad when civil servants were asked if the government had a culture of good financial management. A total of 28 per cent said no, only 28 per cent said yes."

Yes, it's Scotland. But we'd be prepared to bet that the results would be just as bad if the government ever had the nerve to conduct such a survey here.

PS The Scotsman report also reminds us of some of The Scottish Executive's most jaw-dropping lunacies. These included spending £300,000 and many months employing marketing agencies to find the best symbol for Scotland, only to settle on the national flag the country has used for centuries.

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