Friday, December 29, 2006

'Tis The Season To Be Biased

The way and the light. Not.

What have the following got in common (apart from all being pampered left-wing humbugs who believe they can run our lives better than we can ourselves)?

Bono (tax exile poverty exploiter)
Anthony Minghella (director of Tony and Gordo In Love)
Thom Yorke (Radiohead "activist"mate of the Moonbat)
David Blunkett (highly unpleasant bearded communist ex-commissar)
Yoko Ono (superannuated luxury hotel protester)
Dr Rowan Williams (traditional anti-materialist unilateralist druid who commendably insists on walking everywhere and wearing goatskins)
Zac Goldsmith (pampered multi-millionaire trust babe who wants us to start walking everywhere wearing goatskins... well, obviously not important opinion formers such as his good self)

Give up?

They've all been guest editors on R4 Today:

"Today has once again given an exciting Christmas gift to five public figures - we're handing over control of the programme (well, most of it) for a day each between Christmas and New Year."

Well, isn't that good of them.

So in the interests of public service balance, where are all those guest editors from beyond the BBC's metro-lefty comfort zone?

Ah well, don't worry because we've had Stephen Hawking (frankly we BBC arts grads can't understand a word, but he's so terribly brainy, plus of course, he's got that wonderfully tragic voice), Sir Clive Woodward (now director of "elite performance" at the British Olympic Association, and everyone's looking forward so much to 2012, especially all of us here at its principal broadcasters), and coming up we've got Allan Leighton (chairman of Royal Mail, and we really can't see it matters that Allan is a long-standing member of the Labour Party and that Royal Mail is state owned).

Unless I missed it, there hasn't been one single guest editor from even slightly right of centre. Not even the traditional "aren't these people ghastly" joke slot for Kelvin Mackenzie, Peter Hitchens, Simon Heffer, or Michael Winner.

Second New Year's resolution: explore internet broadcasts so we can dump the tellies and stop paying the tax. I'm sure there must be some Taiwanese fan-site where Mrs T could keep up with the non-tax funded Corrie. Learn Mandarin... how hard could it be?

PS One of the junior Tylers has recently moved into a new flat where there is no telly. But he's having great difficulty convincing the Telly Tax police that's the case. They're threatening to come round and smash down the door with an axe. We are fast becoming a family of outlaws.


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