Sunday, December 17, 2006

Recent Bonfires- 44

Department of Total Incompetence

In the news this week:

£5.3bn pa DTI Red Tape burden- "DTI's burdens - estimated by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) earlier this year through the cross-Government Administrative Burdens Measurement Exercise - are broadly estimated to cost business just under £5.3bn per year." (DTI Press Release 11.12.06)

NHS logo costs £330,000 pa- "Hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money is being spent on 'managing' the NHS logo despite the cash crisis gripping the Health Service. Official figures reveal that the bill for protecting and promoting the 'NHS identity' has more than doubled in the last four years - reaching almost £334,000 last year... An NHS 'branding team' is on hand to offer advice, and an NHS 'identity helpline' has been set up... It advises hospitals and other NHS bodies to ensure it is printed in 'NHS Blue - Pantone 300' and 'always positioned in the top right corner' of stationery. The NHS 'official typeface' - called Frutiger - should always be used where possible, it insists, while a strict 'exclusion zone' should be observed around the edge of the logo." (Mail 13.12.06)

£290,000 for UN Vanity Publishing- "A modest paperback, the newly published official history of the UN Development Programme, cost a staggering $567,379 (£290,000) to produce. Branded a "vanity publication" by critics, it has become the latest symbol of profligate spending and waste at the international organisation's headquarters in New York. Despite being offered for sale to the general public... it is languishing at 577,233 in the sales rankings of Costs include a salary of $252,000 paid to the author, Professor Craig Murphy, for about two years' work. Prof Murphy was also given $37,299 in travel expenses for interviews, while an unnamed "project co-ordinator" was given $87,639." (Sunday Telegraph 17.12.06)

Waste overspend wastes £500,000- "A council has been rapped for going more than £500,000 over budget on recycling. Hastings Borough Council's members and officers have been accused of being "too enthusiastic" in attempting to reach Government targets, and not dealing with poor management.... [auditors] concluded there was no clear timetable, no engaged project team, no clear reporting line to the corporate management team, no project leader with adequate skills, no adequate specialist technical support, no clear line to provide adequate progress updates to the chief executive, no compliance with council procedures and standing orders and no log of timetables, reviews or updated risk assessments. The report said: "If anything could have gone wrong it did. But the root reasons for the difficulties lie in the council's overall approach to the project." (The Argus 15.12.06)

Total for week- £5,301,120,000


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