Sunday, December 10, 2006

Not While I'm On Duty Sir

This MoS graphic is a useful summary of how the Met uses the £3.2 bn pa we give it to protect us. It's drawn from the Met's Activity Based Costing (ABC) exercise now published annually.

We've previously blogged the extraordinary amount spent on administrative paperwork- ie paperwork other than that connected with specific investigations. But now we find we're spending a staggering £69m pa on "Officers' time for refreshments"- up 19% !! since last year.

At least there's no entry for "Officers' time for dogging" (presuming that is, that "sexual offences" means investigating offences committed by others).

The MoS highlights the contrast between the £505m spent protecting VIPs and on anti-terrorism work, with the £313m protecting us day-to-day on the streets.

That underlines the case for splitting the police into local forces accountable to local people for ordinary law enforcement, and a national force accountable to the government for anti-terrorism and other national threats. Call it the FBI.

Meanwhile.... "A POLICE force failed to investigate properly the violent robbery of a showjumper which led to murder because its officers were busy inquiring into stolen chickens. Documents obtained by The Sunday Times reveal Derbyshire police assigned only one detective to investigate the brutal beating and robbery of riding instructor Tania Moore, 26, in June 2003. She was attacked by a pair of thugs wielding baseball bats who had been recruited by her former boyfriend Mark Dyche. He went on to shoot her dead nine months later. By contrast, the force deployed up to 40 officers, including an undercover team disguised as painters and decorators, to investigate the theft of chickens by staff from a poultry processing plant owned by a prominent businessman and former councillor, according to previously undisclosed documents." (Sunday Times)

AND... "A MAN was beaten to death by a gang of youths only yards from a police station in the early hours of yesterday in Henley-on-Thames. The murder has stunned residents as the affluent south Oxfordshire town is regarded as one of the safest places in Britain. The man, who was in his forties and lived locally, bought a pizza with a male friend from the Southern Fried Chicken shop at about 1.30am and was walking along Greys Road when the attack took place. The victim was kicked and punched repeatedly on the head by a gang of four or five youths until he fell to the ground... Graham Steward, 60, the landlord of the nearby Bird in Hand pub, said: “We are all shocked. People in this area don’t expect this sort of thing. I’ve been living in this area for 13 years and nothing like this has ever happened.” ( Sunday Times)


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