Wednesday, December 13, 2006

NHS Will Never Walk Unaided Again

NHS refinancing plan from leaked report

Today's Report on NHS Deficits from the Labour dominated Commons Health Committee hasn't yet been released to unimportant people like taxpayers and patients. But naturally all the politicos and journos have already seen it and are all over the media spinning and positioning.

Clearly the report will confirm THE VERY MANY independent analyses we've noted on BOM. In particular, grotesque mismanagement at the top landed frontline operations with hugely increased costs- especially those notorious pay deals. The King's Fund analyses said at least 80% of the new money went on centrally driven cost increases.

Shakin' Stevens has just been on Today waffling about how deficit trusts must be held to financial account, despite the well publicised "double whammy" impact on their future levels of patient care ( actually, as noted here, it's a triple whammy).

Of course, what we really need are some solutions. And "more money" simply won't do: as we've noted many times, THE MONEY'S RUN OUT.

Got that?


Unfortunately, none of the assembled politicos/commissars/health bureaucrats/journos seems to envision the only solution actually available- break up the NHS into competing providers and move to a social insurance/co-payment patient choice model.

Keep up your BUPA payments.

PS We'll blog the full report when we've got hold of it and read it.

PPS Talking of extreme vacuities, I listened to the Horse Lady on Today this morning opining that things are "getting better in Basra". Despite the fact that her own Foreign Office has withdrawn all its staff because it's too dangerous. The words "shameless" and "national embarrassment" spring to mind.


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