Saturday, December 09, 2006

Aussie Trough News

Oz Tourism Minister: high on the hog

Politicos are the same the world over. Down in Oz they're using the break between ritual slaughterings of our "cricketers" to probe their own MPs expenses trough:

"TOURISM Minister Fran Bailey was quite happy to share her opinions last month when she proposed giant parasols be erected over the Great Barrier Reef to protect it from global warming.

But yesterday, challenged to justify $50,000 in travel expenses racked up in just three nights, Ms Bailey booted The (Oz) Daily Telegraph out of her office.

In just three nights, Ms Bailey and her chief-of-staff clocked up a $50,000 bill. First-class airfares and drivers to ferry her across London were ordered for the Minister as she campaigned to overturn Britain's ban of the "So where the bloody hell are you" advertising campaign.

Yet she has refused to provide any details of the trip."

Overall, federal politicians racked up a $15.6 million in domestic and overseas travel.

They included one MP who visited Northern Iraq at massive taxpayers expense, "during which he was alleged to have carried $25,000 cash into Iraq on behalf of a mining company. Then, he posed for photographs using an assault rifle borrowed from his Kurdish bodyguards." The benefit to taxpayers was unclear.

Thank God our politicians don't do stuff like that.

PS In case you missed it before its British ban, the ad in question can be viewed here. The Advertising Standards Authority adjudication can be found here. Various spoofs have been made, but the first and best- "Where the f**king hell are you?" - has alas been nuked by YouTube. See here for other leads- but I couldn't get them to work.


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